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Childhood Cancer Facts

The Truth: 

Childhood cancer remains the number one disease killer of children in the United States.  Funding for childhood cancer research on the federal level is woefully inadequate.  

  • Approximately 13,400 children a year will be diagnosed with cancer in the United States 
  • 1 in 5 kids diagnosed will not survive their primary diagnosis
  • Statistically, approximately seven children a day will die from cancer
  • Even though overall survival rates have increased, two-thirds of children who survive will have some type of chronic life-long health problems
  • One quarter of all children who survive will have life-threatening issues as a result of the treatment
  • Since the 70’s, incidence rates of childhood cancer are on the rise


  • The 2012 budget for the National Cancer Institute (NCI) was $5.2 billion dollars, a 3% increase over the 2011 NCI budget
  • Of that $5.2 billion dollars, only about 3.8% of that budget was allocated to childhood cancer research and this figure has been flat for years
  • In 2010, Breast cancer received $631 million dollars in federal research funds through the National Cancer Institute and  whereas childhood cancer received under $197 million dollars
  • In FY2011 private foundations raised over $6 billion dollars for breast cancer and childhood cancer private funding paled in comparison
  • Cancer kills more children than AIDs, asthma, diabetes, cystic fibrosis and congenital anomalies combined 

These are some of the facts that motivate the need for solid advocacy and increased awareness.  It is for these reasons that we need to increase the message and argue for greater visibility and funding on the federal level.

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