Advocacy in Childhood Cancer
Jonathan Eric Agin

“When written in Chinese, the word 'crisis' is composed of two characters - one represents danger, the other represents opportunity.”

John F. Kennedy

Cancer can touch anyone. It knows no boundaries. Despite declaring a war on cancer in 1971 by signing the National Cancer Act of 1971, cancer remains one of the scariest words that a person can hear. In the childhood cancer community, it continues to be the number one leading disease killer of our children in the United States. Statistically, forty-six children a day in the United States will be diagnosed with some form of cancer.

This site is about the fight against childhood cancer. Cancer causes crisis. It strikes fear. And, in many instances, cancer causes loss of life. And, just as it took my amazing daughter Alexis from us, it awoke in me the fight to see an end to childhood cancer. That represents the opportunity from this tragedy. I truly believe I am continuing her battle, her journey and carrying on her legacy. I invite you to look around my site, explore and spend time and discover more about the grassroots advocacy that consumes me. On this site you will find places to view my writings, my blogs, congressional testimony, lobbying activities, credits, links, fundraisers, ways to get involved and finally ways we can connect, and you can engage my services.

Ultimately, this site is dedicated to my hero, Alexis Gina Agin. She battled cancer for thirty-three months without a complaint. She has inspired me in everything I do. I love you Alexis and will never give up your fight. Soon baby, soon.


"Jonathan's long-standing advocacy around pediatric cancers is truly inspirational.  His work on behalf of patients and survivors of childhood cancers is not only heartfelt but incredibly effective." 

Doug Ulman   

President and CEO, Livestrong Foundation
"While no parent should ever have to go through what Jonathan and his family did, his first-hand experience puts him in a unique position as the perfect advocate for the fight against childhood cancer.  Advocacy efforts, such as the one Jonathan is leading, help make great strides toward finding effective treatments and hopefully one day, a cure for all childhood cancers.  Without people like Jonathan, the scientific community would not be able to fully support the research and its translation into clinical practice."
Oren Becher MD

Assistant Professor

Rory David Deutsch Scholar
AmWINS St. Baldrick's Foundation Scholar Departments of Pediatrics and Pathology Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center Duke University Medical Center